Liposuction is an aesthetic procedure aimed at effectively removing unwanted fat deposits and refine body contours. Our motorized liposuction device provides surgeons effortless control for precise and thorough liposuction. The LipoSurg infiltration system allows for targeted anaesthetic application, ensuring maximum precision and control during demanding aesthetic procedures. Explore our liposuction portfolio.


The all-in-one system for motorised liposuction, infiltration and vacuum.

Convenient and precise

Suction and Infiltration Pumps

Vacuson 60 LP – Set

Liposuction with infiltration and motorised suction in a single, compact device

Vacuson 60

Robust, high-quality suction pump with 70l/min

Vacuson 40

High-Quality, multi-purpose suction pump with 35 l/min


Vibration-assisted Liposuction device with infiltration

Dispenser DP 30 LipoPlus

Reliable infiltration pump with larger flow rate

Dispenser DP 30

Reliable infiltration pump

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