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Lipo Professional

Lipo Cart Professional

a system developed exactly to the needs of the modern Liposuction. The Lipocart provides the high infiltration performance of the integrated peristaltic pump together with the further developed Conform Cannula Handpiece with optimized suction channel.

Lipo Professional

Technical Description

Lipo Cart system consists of the Liposurg Control unit with integrated perestaltic irrigation pump, powerful suction pump Vacuson 60 and Vexio Cart. The system is designed for highly efficient tissue tunnelling with the Nouvag Power Cannula Handpiece with a stroke up to 4200RPM.


  • Integrated Infiltration Pump with Power Infiltration Mode
  • High performance Power Cannula Handpiece with stroke frequency from 3’300 to 4’200/min
  • Powerful Infiltration pump up to 400ml/min - tissue protecting and less post traumatic
  • Lightweight and ergonomic handle for Power Cannula and Power Infiltration
  • Strong suction pump Vacuson 60 designed for Liposuction with the flow of 60l/min

Lipo Cart

Top three feature:

Fast and easy suction of the fat with fast forward/backward movements up to 4’200 strokes /min
Low vibration and lightweight handles for tiring free operating
Enlarged suction channel for optimal extraction of the fat

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