Highsurg 30

HighSpeed Neurosurgical Power Tool

80,000 rpm highspeed Surgical Motor System, developed for Neurosurgery indications.

The reliable and versatile Neurosurgery HighSpeed Motor System for individual control of Perforator, Craniotome and HighSpeed handpieces



Power assisted Liposuction with integrated Infiltration

LipoSurg, a compact and powerful system for liposuction for Liposuction with integrated, high powered infiltration pump.

The high infiltration performance of the integrated peristaltic pump together with the further developed Conform Cannula Handpiece with optimized suction channel and an improved visibility of the field of work result in a perfectly matched all-in-one device for the daily use.

Dispenser DP30


The Dispenser DP 30 is a specifically for varicose vein treatment designed tumescence infiltration pump, delivering precisly tumescence liquid with an optimal adjusted pressure.

Vacuson 60


A double piston motor for generating vacuum predesti- nates the Vacuson 60 vacuum pump for extended applications, compared to the Vacuson 40. It does its job in a sturdy, quiet and reliable way that lets you keep your eyes on the patient. By fine tuning of the vacuum you can also work in more sophisticated areas where it’s important to keep the vacuum on an ad- justed magnitude. Nouvag’s wide range of extensions and accessories completes this system to a level that doesn’t leave much space for further wishes.

HighTorQ Power Tools


The perfectly thought-out concept of surgical power tools with power-battery system

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