Ultrasonic 2000


Very easy to handle Ultrasonic nebulizer

Very easy to handle Ultrasonic nebulizer for Inhalation therapy. Timer controlled, adjustable airflow system for individually adjustable Inhalation requirements. A heated tube adjusts the inhalation nebula to comfort- able body temperature.

The Ultrasonic 2000 enables inhalation therapy for all accessible sections of the respiratory tract. The carrier air amount and the time interval are individually adjustable. The heater permits humid, warm inhalation for the preferred application area of the upper respiratory tract and the medication container allows direct application of pharmaceuticals.
  • Best price/performance ratio
  • Permits humid, warm inhalation
  • Inhalation of all accessible sections of the respiratory tract
  • Easy handling and low maintenance effort
  • Direct application of medication
  • Reliable, approved and stable technology

Ultrasonic 2000 hospital model

Art.-Nr.: 3204

with roller stand, especially suitable for hospital use. Com- pletely equipped, like the Ultrasonic 2000 table top model.

Ultrasonic 2000 for home care

Art.-Nr.: 3207

with flex stand and direct filling of the nebulizing chamber. Appropriated for the delivery of nebulized medications. Elec- tronic interrupter and indicator lamp for low liquid level in the nebulizing chamber. Exchangeable Ultrasonic module.

Ultrasonic 2000, tabletop model

Art.-Nr.: 3202

Control unit with bacteria filter, nebulizing chamber, tubes, mouth piece and Stand for tube routing and support for the liquid reservoir. Additionally the set contains a heating tube that warms up the inhalation nebula to comfortable body temperature.

Facts and Figures

Technical Data, Ultrasonic 2000

Type: Ultrasonic 2000

Input voltage:

115/230 Volt at 50 - 60 Hz

Power consumption:

110 VA

Dimensions (W x H x D):

190/130/250 mm

Weight, Control Unit:

3.0 kg

Nebulizer Data

Nebulizing rate, adjustable: 0 to 70 ml/hr

Air volume flow rate:

0 to 10 l/min.

Mist density:

105 mg/min.

HF frequency:

2.4 MHz


0 - 15 min/continuous mode

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