TCM 3000 BL Morcellator

Intuitive System with fine-tuned Foot Switch Control for demanding Surgeons

The compact control unit TCM 3000 BL Morcellator offers you precise and efficient tissue morcellation. With its intuitive control panel, you have full control over the continuous regulation of the speed of your instruments. The morcellator allows speeds of up to 1,000 rpm to ensure precise cutting performance. You have the choice between freely adjustable speeds in VARIO mode or the use of three predefined programs with specific speed ranges.

TCM 3000 BL Morcellator

Product details

  • Precise cutting performance for optimal results
  • Pre-defined program buttons for quick access to different speeds
  • Robust and high-quality technology for long-term reliability
  • Intuitive operation with fine-tuned foot switch control
  • Speeds from 50 to 1'000 rpm
TCM 3000 BL Morcellator

Technical data

Speed Range

50 – 1'000 rpm


max. 100 Ncm*

Motor Coupling


Cable Length Motor

2.9 m

Operating Voltage (switchable)

100 V~ / 115 V~ / 230 V~, 50 – 60 Hz

Power Consumption

60 VA

Protection Class

Class I

Foot Switch IP Code


Cable Length Foot Switch

2.9 m

Dimmensions (B × T × H)

120 × 180 × 110 mm


1.8 kg

* TCM 3000 BL Morcellator generates a maximum of 80 Ncm (Speed Range 200-400 rpm)

TCM 3000 BL Morcellator