A variety of different handpieces for a wide range of surgical applications.
NOUVAG – Solutions, manufactured in Switzerland.

Micro Saws

Our micro saws offer high torque and are suitable for speeds of up to 15’000 rpm

Our micro saws for power assisted rhinoplasty are ideal for dorsal rasping, hump resection, or osteotomies. The small size of the saw blade allows for precise and controlled bone removal, resulting in a more natural contour of the nose. The power assistance also makes the procedure more efficient, as the steps can be performed with less effort and greater accuracy.

Micro Saws

Product details

  • Dorsal rasping, hump resection, osteotomies
  • Swiss reliability and maximum precision
  • Wide range of applications in rhinoplasty
  • Small size of saw blades
Micro Saws

Technical data


max. 15’000 rpm


2.8:1 / 1:1

Motor Coupling


Micro Saws


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