Suction and Infiltration Pumps

Here you will find a wide range of suction pumps and infiltration pumps for various applications. NOUVAG – Solutions, manufactured in Switzerland.

Dispenser DP 30 LipoPlus

Reliable infiltration pump with larger flow rate

The Dispenser DP 30 LipoPlus was developed for the infiltration of tumescent fluid and ensures an ideal volume under optimal pressure conditions.

Dispenser DP 30 LipoPlus

Product details

  • Optimized flow-pressure ratio for tumescent infiltration prior to liposuction
  • Low noise and maintenance-free
  • Easy tubing set replacement
  • Continuously adjustable flow rate of up to 24 l/h (450 ml/min)
  • Can be operated with either VARIO or ON/OFF foot switch
Dispenser DP 30 LipoPlus

Technical data

Flow Rate

0 – 450 ml/min

Operating Voltage (switchable)

100 V~ / 115 V~ / 230 V~, 50 – 60 Hz

Power Consumption

120 VA

Protection Class

Class I

Classification of Application Part

Type BF* (Body Floating)

Fuses Power Supply

2 x T 1 A, 250 V AC

Dimensions  (W × D × H)

260 × 250 × 110 mm


3.4 kg

Dispenser DP 30 LipoPlus


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